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Massagen in Köln


Monika Junkes 0163 869 16 75
Pretty-Performance Massage
The art of touch

Blockade of joints, tension of muscles and irregularities of digestion indicate inhibition of the life energy, which cannot flow freely. Bodily tensions usually have a equivalent of the soul, because the body, the mind and the soul are in direct correspondence with each other.

A massage is a cautious and tender ritual that opens the energy channels within the body. The “Pretty Performance Massage” is a combination of different massages, using elements of the classical, the Hawaiian and the ayurvedic massage as well as the traditional Thai massage. Because of the massaging on the whole body, the challenging deep and the smooth energetic touches single groups of muscles can relax and energy blockades resolve. The mind is allowed to relax.

Every massage resembles a performance and is individually adjusted to the person receiving the massage.

A massage is an invitation to experience deep relaxation and to revitalize the body with the released energy.

For appointments call: 0163 / 869 16 75

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