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Hawaiian Massage (Lomi Lomi)

The Hawaiian way of life is the aloha spirit. It means profound respect for humans and animals and unconditional love. The Hawaiian massage tastes like the sea. It requests your own liveliness and awakes power and courage for living. The continuing, partly smooth, partly challenging strokes on the whole body loosen up blockades, so the life energy can flow more freely. The massages using hands and forearms connect single body parts, so the body can once again be felt as a whole.
It resembles a dance of waves over body, which is sometimes soft and comforting, sometimes strong and churning up.

The Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi) reminds you of your dreams, wishes and visions. It supports finding yourself, through waking the lifelines of the body and claiming the limits of your body, so they can be expanded.

Massages do not replace medical relevant treatments, but can considerably contribute to health promotion.

 The Hawaiian massage can be ordered as a two or four handed massage.

 For appointments call: 0163 / 869 16 75


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